Rethink your meetings

Finally, online meeting experiences that work the way you do,
bringing your content and conversations together
to create one unbroken, trackable experience.

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Just a link away

Our guiding principle is to make collaboration work for business users. 

To start with, we make it easy to join video meetings on time. Simply open a web browser on your desktop or mobile device.

Forget the usual hassle of having to install special software. And if you're on the move, we'll call to connect you.



Your own personal assistant

Meet Casper, our virtual assistant, here to make your meetings more efficient in lots of amazing ways. 

Just add Casper when creating a calendar invitation. All the meeting details are sent out for you. Casper also sets up a persistent space for each meeting. It's easy to share content with Casper, like the agenda, documents, emails and action lists.

Everything gets uploaded in one place, available to your team at any time before, during or after the meeting.

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Video and beyond

With CafeX, your team can interact easily in real time over HD voice and video conferencing. We've crafted an elegant experience that's consistent across any device. All the usual features are included, like screen sharing and group chat.

Recordings and transcripts are also added for you after each meeting.

But there's more ...

Everything together

How often before, during or after meetings are you forced to search across your tools for relevant content?

No longer. Casper brings the right resources to everyone's fingertips at the right time. Imagine one neatly organized place to interact live with documents, slides, emails, messaging channels and CRM data.  

One unified view before, during and after meetings leads to more informed decisions, better followup and faster results. All tracked by an audit trail to comply with your workflows.

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Branded your way

Whether you engage with customers, partners or employees, every interaction should reinforce your company's brand.

That's why we've made it beyond simple to re-skin the look and feel of the experience. Adding a logo, changing styles and white-labelling activities are all doable by business users who lack programming skills.

If required, developers can easily embed our platform within business applications to streamline experiences further.

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