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CafeX Legal, Security and Compliance site


At CaféX security is our priority, from the ground up our solutions are built with security in mind. Our organisation takes security very seriously, we have a dedicated compliance team whose sole responsibility is Information Security & Compliance.



We believe in honesty and transparency with all our customers, this site has been designed to show how we are protect your data, how it's managed and how we comply with international compliance programs.



Download our security white paper here



What are the Brexit implications on our services?


CafeX are actively monitoring the situation with respects to the UK leaving the European Union. We are actively reviewing and get regular updates from the UK Government advice pages.

As part of our ISO27001 management system, we have also a Risk associated with the uncertainties surrounding Brexit. Our risk register is also regularly reviewed as part of our management Security Steering Group.   

Having said that, we are a global company headquartered out of New York, US.  All our payment/admin transactions are based in the US.  

We do have a service that have data centers that stretch across (for redundancy) UK and a EU region.  We will be actively reviewing the implications on the up and coming decisions/implications on Brexit and impacts on our customers service and data respectively.  There are potential contingencies plans which include decisions on having pure EU data centers and pure UK data centers, but these will need further review once we know more details and impact of Brexit in the coming months and customers requirements.  

With respects to data privacy, the UK's Data Protection Act 2018 already extends that of the EU General Data Protection Regulation so we do not anticipate any changes here.

When we know more we will update all our customers as to the impacts (if any).   Please note you can sign up for any news on our Security and Compliance programs (including any Privacy Policy and Terms of Service Updates) here