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Avaya DevConnect Partnership

CafeX Supervisor Assist delivers compliance with customer engagement solutions from Avaya and becomes an Avaya DevConnect partner. CafeX Supervisor Assist empowers customer-facing workforce with web and mobile real-time interaction across multiple channels.

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Avaya Compliance Validates CafeX Customer Engagement Solution

CafeX Supervisor Assist provides over-the-shoulder live mentoring from virtually anywhere, complementing the Avaya Aura® Communication Manager & Application Enablement Services platform. Supervisors monitor audio conversations between agents and customers, instantly respond to agent hand raise, text chat live with agents, view agent screens in real time and take temporary control of agents’ desktops to click on links, open files and help complete forms.

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Call Center Performance Improvement with Combined Offering

CafeX Supervisor Assist enables companies to provide highly interactive real-time engagement to customer-facing staff on an ongoing basis, regardless of where personnel are located. With the addition of CafeX Supervisor Assist, companies are positioned to:

  • Improve customer service levels and ensure consistency, especially given the rising level of customer expectations in today’s online marketplace;
  • Onboard new hires faster and at lower cost while reducing attrition for tenured staff with ongoing training;
  • Expand mobile and remote connectivity to meet the demands of today’s distributed workforce, as supervisors don’t need to be tethered to their desks and agents can be home-based or remote;
  • Extend beyond the call center to other customer-facing staff, such as sales and support staff, raising productivity and increasing revenues.
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