CaféX Showcases New Wizard, Wins Demo Award at WebRTC Conference

Aug. 11, 2016

Real Time Web Solutions Conference – New York – August 11, 2016 – CaféX has received an award in the ‘Best All-Around’ category during a demonstration competition at the recently held Real Time Web Solutions Conference in New York. At the event, CaféX also showcased Live Assist® Kickstart, its latest innovation in Web real-time communications (WebRTC) that makes it faster and easier for business users with no programming experience to add live assistance capabilities to mobile and web applications.

In the awards presentation, conference producer Phil Edholm noted that the judges recognized CafeX for providing a comprehensive solution set across multiple categories with proven implementations at top Fortune 500 companies. CafeX’s Live Assist demonstration featured an omnichannel banking scenario, where a customer interacts in real time with a service representative from within a bank’s mobile application via click-to-call and video chat. The representative can see and co-navigate the customer’s application, with sensitive fields masked, fill out a web form for the customer, share images and links, as well as annotate on the user’s screen and share important documents.

To accelerate and simplify Live Assist implementations, CafeX also showcased Live Assist Kickstart®, a new wizard-driven application that allows non-programmers to configure and test Live Assist’s real-time capabilities in minutes rather than hours or days. The application also generates the associated embed code for web, iOS, and Android platforms to shorten development timeframes.

“CafeX is honored to receive this award from the real-time web communications community,” said Kris Hopkins, chief strategy officer for CafeX. “It is a testament to our team and products that the company continues to receive accolades and awards from industry thought leaders for our portfolio, which has been deployed by many of the largest enterprises around the world.”

The Real Time Web Solutions Conference is recognized as a leading venue for WebRTC technology innovation and education. In addition to the award, CafeX speakers participated in an educational panel and delivered a keynote address regarding the status of real-time technology in the real world.


About CafeX

CafeX makes it easier for companies to enhance live engagement within web and mobile applications. CafeX’s award-winning software embeds real-time collaboration within the context of business workflows to increase customer satisfaction and employee productivity. Trusted by many Global 2000 companies, CafeX software brings together WebRTC and enterprise communications technologies to create omnichannel experiences that unify the customer journey and accelerate teaming while protecting existing IT investments. For more information about CafeX, please visit or follow @CafeXComms.


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