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CaféX Brand Center

Welcome to the CaféX brand resource center where you can find assets and guidelines for our brand

Our Story – The Catalyst

The core function of CaféX is to create the circumstances for strong human engagement to occur, for people to get together and engage in a dialogue, a conversation. When this interaction occurs, CaféX believes anything can happen.

Our brand identity brings together two elements to create an iconic 'X'. CaféX is the facilitator, the catalyzer that makes the reaction between multiple parties occur.

CaféX Logo

Our logo is a vital element of our brand. It is a valuable piece of intellectual property that reflects our identity.

CaféX Templates

To ensure our identity is reflected consistently across digital and printed media, please use the templates provided below.

CaféX Business Cards

All CaféX employees may order business cards.

Please follow these instructions to place your order.