Booking a Summer Holiday? Watch How Omnichannel Enhances the Online Experience

Gethin Liddell By Gethin Liddell
July 6, 2017

Summer is one of my favourite seasons, especially with the spectacular weather we have been having lately in the UK. As many of us make holiday plans, I thought it appropriate to record a video showing how CaféX Live Assist™ for Microsoft Dynamics 365 enhances the experience of booking a hotel room online, both for the guest and the service agent.  

In this how-to video, you'll see how a hotel engages a website visitor with relevant content and offers based on the guest's browsing activity. The guest can click to start a live chat session with an agent, who has access to a knowledge base, canned messages, a pre-chat survey and other productivity-enhancing tools all within Dynamics 365 Unified Service Desk. The agent can also see the guest's browser tab, click to navigate on the guest's behalf (co-browse), annotate, push documents and perform other highly interactive service tasks. The net result of this omnichannel experience is a happy guest, a more productive agent and a confirmed hotel booking (with upsell).

Thanks for watching. Here's to a great summer!


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