The Power of Team Collaboration with Multi-Language Support

By Rohanne Strange - Nov. 29, 2017

The national language of any country is a near and dear, true treasure to its people. And, these days, we don’t have to go far to find someone who’s bilingual or even multi-lingual. CaféX is no exception. Throughout our global employee presence, we speak 25 different languages. Yet, with 50% of CaféX employees based in the vibrant city of Cardiff, Wales in the UK, it’s saddening that only a handful of us actually speak our national language.


Whilst waiting one morning for my tea to brew, I read an article by The Welsh Government pledging to get 1 million people speaking Welsh by 2050. This might not seem like a big challenge but we’re only a small country with a population of 3 million and predominantly speak UK English. So, I thought: “Fantastic, I’m a Welsh speaker myself and, having done my education through the Welsh medium, I have seen firsthand just how popular it is becoming again.”

This announcement did, however, get me thinking. For the most part, we enjoy a broad range of language settings in our day-to-day communications tools such that the feature set is taken for granted. You might even be thinking: “Why is she writing about such an old school feature as localisation / multi-language support?” Well, in my small country, we’re immensely proud of our history and culture (and rugby, of course). So, wouldn’t it be great to offer the people, schools, and enterprises of Wales - who are helping to grow usage of our language - a better way to collaborate in Welsh? And, that’s where CaféX comes in...

CaféX Meetings, our video conferencing and team collaboration software, offers users eleven (11) different languages to choose from, including not only Welsh but also Spanish, German, and Chinese (simplified or traditional), to name just a few. If you’re with a company, school, or enterprise that wants to offer its’ employees, students or customers a choice of language preference, Meetings may very well be the multi-language chat solution that you are seeking. Our video conferencing service is free to try out, requires no software to download, and works in any web browser.

Diolch! (“Thank you!” In Welsh)