Reduce Agent Turnover with Live Coaching and Mentoring

Allan MacGowan By Allan MacGowan
Sept. 22, 2016

For contact center agents and supervisors, call monitoring can be more of a stick than a carrot. Being scrutinized continually during customer calls can cause agents to wonder if they are underperforming, leading to stress and burnout. However, in contact centres that use real-time coaching and mentoring services, there are far more proactive and positive associations for agents and management alike.

Live coaching that augments simple monitoring of voice communications with embedded real-time collaboration technologies yields maximum impact. Supervisors can not only hear but can actually see what is happening in real-time. They are able to easily and simply co-browse the agent screen, spotlight areas for them to focus on, and even click and type seamlessly on their behalf where required. The customer experience is influenced as much by what the agent does on-screen and during wrap-up as it is by the interaction itself. End-to-end real-time coaching and mentoring using technology such as CaféX Supervisor Assist embedded into agent workflows yield the highest gains.

The goal of a supervisor is to improve the overall performance of their agents, with turnover a key indicator of success and that of the entire operation. Managing turnover – which can exceed 35% annually - and the associated direct and indirect costs is a major challenge. A contributing factor to attrition is low job satisfaction. Live coaching systems enable supervisors to train, mentor, and guide agents in real time; at the point-of-need. Direct, timely interaction of this kind improves agent satisfaction and performance levels whilst better servicing customers.

In high turnover remote environments such as offshoring and outsourcing there are additional benefits to full-featured live coaching. Utilising mobile and web technologies, supervisors and coaching staff can sit virtually with any agent in any location. This in-person experience affords all agents the opportunity to learn by example from experts, and can have a dramatic effect on lowering the cost of training.

Newly trained agents have the opportunity to get up to speed faster; live coaching and mentoring gives supervisors the ability to closely monitor these agents in virtual nursery environments. The ramp time before transitioning to live calls can therefore be reduced, making new staff more effective, faster.  Mentoring is easily accomplished even in challenging environments by empowering agents to discreetly raise their virtual hand for assistance from experienced peers, supervisors or specialists whenever they hit a trouble spot or a new challenge.

Live coaching and mentoring solutions such as CaféX Supervisor Assist help to drive down agent turnover and reduce ramp costs by improving agent performance and satisfaction, providing operational flexibility even in high attrition risk locations. To learn more about live coaching and real-time engagement solutions, watch this webinar featuring Mike Ringman, chief information officer at TELUS International, or visit www.cafex.com.