New in Live Assist™ for Microsoft Dynamics 365: Chatbots, Mobile Support and More!

By Rami Musallam - July 13, 2017

This week was exciting for CaféX, as we announced Cosmos, the latest release of Live Assist for Microsoft Dynamics 365, the only omnichannel solution for Dynamics 365 co-engineered with and endorsed by Microsoft. Live Assist integrates content, campaigns, live chat, chatbot and co-browsing capabilities in Unified Service Desk and Dynamics web clients to make agents more productive while improving mobile and web customer engagement.

AI Robot holding a mobile phone

Given the rising interest in AI use cases for customer service, coupled with the strong uptake of our initial release of Live Assist by Microsoft customers, partners, and sales teams, there is a lot of excitement around how the Cosmos release can further change the way companies engage with customers and help Dynamics-enabled organizations realize their digital transformation goals. Here are three reasons why you should pay attention to this latest release.

At-a-Glance: New Features Deliver Much More than Live Chat for Microsoft

Above and beyond the primary features of Live Assist, this new release introduces:

  1. Mobile App Engagement:
    • Interact with customers through live chat, co-browse and content campaigns embedded in your Android and iOS apps.
    • Provide a consistent experience across mobile and web channels.
  1. Chatbot Integration:
    • Bring your own bots using the Microsoft Bot Framework.
    • Use simple Live Assist APIs to support escalation from chatbots to live agents with context preserved across the journey (a first for Dynamics 365).
    • Leverage additional APIs to develop chatbots that can serve as full agents.
  1. Enhanced Agent Productivity
    • Empower agents to work more efficiently through user experience improvements.

Deeper Dive: Advanced Omnichannel Includes Mobile App & Chatbot Integration

Consumers are turning to mobile applications as their preferred method of interacting with businesses for support and sales scenarios. Effective service in this channel is becoming a requirement to stay competitive, which is why the latest release of Live Assist for Microsoft Dynamics 365 focuses on mobile support for iOS and Android platforms.

Our approach accelerates time to market & benefit realization compared to traditional chat SDK integration. The CaféX SDK can simply be dropped into the current app (or project) and the desired experience driven via the Live Assist engagement console. Instead of IT being involved for every code change, lines of business can set their own goals and success criteria with campaigns they build and publish from the portal.

In line with mobile adoption, we are now witnessing the next evolution of consumer behavior, one in which people are comfortable engaging with forms of AI (such as bots within messaging platforms) to help them with their day-to-day needs. This trend has created tremendous hype for enterprises to adopt bot solutions, primarily because companies see an opportunity to reduce operational costs and increase efficacy of customer engagements.

At the same time, investments that enterprises and partners have made in developing bots have revealed flaws in the majority of customer contact solutions. For example, many solutions do not support the ability to escalate a chatbot interaction to a live agent, the so-called ‘last mile’ issue. Also, the majority of live chat vendors only support bots built on their platforms. Yet, most enterprises want the ability to leverage bots of their choice and deploy them in social channels due to the substantial user base. This scenario is where CaféX provides an answer and helps enterprises attain the goals they set out to achieve with AI.

BYOB: CaféX Approaches the “Bring Your Own Bot” Model in Two Ways

This second release of CaféX Live Assist for Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides two approaches to integrating “Bring Your Own Bot” models. The key driver behind this is simple: customers (and/or their integration partners) want to leverage existing bot investments as well as provide the fastest possible time-to-market.

Model 1: Simple APIs that a bot developer can leverage provide the ability to escalate to a live agent with context preserved. The bot can do what it does today by automatically engaging with customers but now has the option to help customers resolve issues without reaching a dead end, dropping them, or providing instructions to engage with a live agent via a different channel, such as calling a toll-free number. Here’s the typical Model 1 engagement scenario within Live Assist for Dynamics 365:

Model 2: Additional APIs provide the ability for a bot to behave like any other agent and/or supervisor using Live Assist. This model allows the enterprise (and/or integration partner) to take advantage of the all the existing agent and supervisor features while the bot is engaged with customers:


The first version of Live Assist for Microsoft Dynamics for 365 went GA only a few months ago. Yet, in that short time, CaféX has introduced significant release-over-release UI/UX improvements that will further drive contact center efficiency, enable better workflow behaviors and provide a streamlined agent experience. These improvements also provide additional CRM data from Dynamics to the agent that is contextual by nature and specific to the customer engagement.

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