Meetings - A Year On, Embracing Business Driven Collaboration

By Kevin Glass - Jan. 25, 2017

It’s nearly a year since we showed Meetings at Enterprise Connect 2016 and won best in show for the second time. As development has progressed we’ve learnt a lot and faced down (and beaten) some huge technical challenges. Of course, at the same time we’ve been out on the road showing customers what it can do and getting those installs running. 

The message has been well received. Client-less, simple video conferencing that works no matter the network condition or environment is desired, even required, in the modern working environment. We’ve all experienced the headaches of getting on a conference that starts in two minutes time.

However, we’ve been also hearing a clear message back: video conferencing, chat and document share - all are required, but that’s not the end of the story. What enterprises need are solutions with all the collaboration baked in but that focus on the business activities and objectives at hand.

“Give me a tool that lets me get the job done! Let me collaborate with others when I need to, but let me build out content, follow my own business process and share it with others. What’s more, collate it all in one place, leave an audit trail and make it accessible from anywhere.”

Sounds like a tall order, but CafeX is uniquely placed to provide this very capability. We already have the expertise in real-time collaboration tools with Meetings, and now, with the recent acquisition of Vayyoo, we’ve a rich business outcome oriented room framework.

As you’ve seen over the years, CafeX will continue to build on technology advancements piece by piece. In this case, we’ll be taking the Vayyoo Rooms framework, extending it with rich collaboration features from Meetings and Live Assist, and then embedding components focused on specific business verticals.

The result?

A product that gives you the best of both real-time collaboration and objective driven virtual meeting rooms. Of course, this solution will be delivered in the Meetings philosophy of simple entry, no downloads and instant access.