How Remote Workers Get More Done with Customized Workspaces

By Sandra Thomson - Nov. 10, 2017

A basic tenet of all CaféX software products is enabling teams to collaborate easier online. So, as a product marketer, I do a lot of trolling for content about optimizing the digital workplace and increasing productivity through virtual workspaces. At the same time, I’m also a remote worker and I read lots of tips and tricks about being more productive when working from a home office. 

In fact, the term “workspaces” has traditionally been used to refer to concepts and furnishings for designing office space. However, in the last few years, “workspaces” has increasingly been used to describe a wide variety of team collaboration software. What’s surfaced is that, while it’s important to set up the right work environment as well as adhere to habits that make one more successful, it’s arguably more important to ensure that your computer(s) and monitor(s) are optimized for the software tools that you use.


When I started working for CaféX several months ago, I was worried about how I’d get to know my colleagues working from my home office in a small town in Canada. My colleagues are dispersed across the world and many of them are remote workers as well. And, although remote working has significant productivity benefits, building relationships at the workplace is also a critical factor of success.

So, what better way to get to know my peers than to ask them how they optimize their workspaces? They shared with me what their home offices look like and what technologies they use - aside from CaféX Spaces - to get their work done efficiently. Here are just a few examples of what I collected:

Mim Friz: Director of PMO and Business Operations

Mim manages projects requiring collaboration with customers, partners and colleagues from many different departments. Her role is to quarterback many complex projects  to their optimal completion. She reports to the EVP of Sales who will most certainly notice if an RFP doesn’t get done on time. Mim uses Spaces for each project to keep stakeholders on task and make critical decisions efficiently. She also uses many other tools such as Microsoft Office, Google Docs, and Smartsheet but they all link to a single workspace with Meetings.

Bruce Marler: CTO for Worldwide Sales

Bruce is responsible for global sales engineering and field strategy for the company’s enterprise collaboration solutions. As such, he is currently laser-focused on any and all Q4 deals. To review and examine the progress of each account, he’s created a single, virtual workspace with Spaces that contains and/or links to the latest forecasts, customer meeting calendar and weekly status updates, etc. Even though both Bruce and his wife work from home, they have separate physical workspaces to enable each other to stay focused and eliminate distractions.

Allan MacGowan: VP of Marketing

Allan wears many hats in our company. He not only manages the marketing team but he is also a content creator and develops business plans. Our team believes that his retro computer and his adjustable desk are the secrets to his productivity. ;-) In all seriousness, though, one of the best things that he’s done to create a cohesive team culture is to host a daily live video chat using CaféX Meetings. There is no pressure to attend but it’s a great way to see your colleagues every day and discuss key tasks that require collaboration.
My own home office functions quite well with two monitors, an ergonomic chair and lots of light. All that is missing is a high chair for my dog so that he doesn’t have to be on my lap while I work.


What are your tips to make a remote workspace work for you? Please comment below...

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