Customization Can Wake Your Video Conferencing from the Dead

By Rohanne Strange - Oct. 30, 2017

Halloween is a great time to decorate, wear a costume, and let your personality (or alter ego) out into the light for a day. It’s also a great opportunity for companies to loosen up the day-to-day business atmosphere, encourage employees to have fun, and boost morale. If you’re looking for some last-minutes ideas, this list might help. Meanwhile, the CaféX Marketing team is a pretty tight-knit, fun-loving group and we decided to spice things up, spiking our own proverbial cider by customizing the Meetings space we use every day for live chat and video conferencing. And yes, a few of us just happened to have a mask, hat or a wig nearby…


Currently, CaféX Meetings comes with a bold, intuitive, and vibrant user interface (UI). That being said, the color scheme might not work for everyone nor be ‘on brand’ with a given organization’s identity and/or color pallette. Unlike other conferencing tools, Meetings is going far beyond the ability to change a logo and will be fully customizable to/by any user. In the case above, I staged a single meeting space using a black background, black-and-white video, and a Halloween-inspired toolbar with green, orange, and grey.

This fantastic feature set will be standard across all versions of Meetings team collaboration software. Adding a personal touch will be achievable with minor modifications and only requires novice-level web design knowledge to accomplish, e.g. editing of the cascading style sheet (CSS). Specific items within the UI that can be customized include: background and button colors, images, fonts and overall layout as well as the power to change the shapes of dialog boxes, participant windows, and chat screens.

If you’re familiar with CaféX, you know that we take team collaboration seriously and we don’t design software half-heartedly. As such, this feature set and any changes will apply to both desktop and mobile clients. So, go ahead, say “BOO!” to ordinary and express yourself. We’re CaféX - making together happen with tricks *and* treats and a Happy Halloween!

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