Customer Journey Management – It’s All about Perspective (the Customer's, that is)

By Allan MacGowan - March 16, 2016

The approach to how organizations engage with customers, and the journey that each customer must travel to make a purchase or resolve an issue, typically has a direct impact on the bottom line. However, predicting the exact outcomes for any one individual, any specific service or engagement is often impossible.

The key to understanding the customer journey begins with accepting one premise: different customers have different behaviors.

Through an introspective look at the processes a company imposes on its customers, significant insights into user frustrations often come to light. In addition, understanding customer expectations regarding communication through voice, text, chat, social media, or email, and delivering seamless experiences across these different channels, empowers the company to provide its customers with a smoother—and usually more satisfying—journey  to resolution. Furthermore, maintaining context across these channels, while leveraging co-browsing and other interactive engagement tools, not only expedites resolution, but also eliminates much of a customer’s anticipated frustration with rehashing information as they switch channels.

Mapping the journey from the customer’s perspective will enable a company to understand and fix a broken customer experience. Fine-tuning the process can move an organization from “managing customer dissatisfaction” to “delivering satisfaction” in many more engagements. And providing timely contextual communications choices through the chosen engagement channel(s) can have a surprisingly positive impact on satisfaction along with other key business metrics.

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