What's the Best Reason to Go Omnichannel? Customer Demand.

Lisa Craig By Lisa Craig
Oct. 11, 2017

There are countless business adages with which we’re all familiar. ‘The customer is always right.’ ‘Focus on your value to the customer, not your competitors’ offerings.’ ‘Establishing a brand = great, consistent product + consistently happy customers.’ ‘People are 4x more likely to buy from a referral.’[1] ‘It takes 5 times more resources to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one.’[2] And the list goes on…


What these sayings have in common, however, is that: by putting the customer first, the returns will follow. Yet, in a world where supply in most industries exceeds market demand, unique value propositions and differentiators are increasingly scarce. Translation: to the average consumer - even for B2B buyers and within the service economy - everything is a commodity. So, while enterprises capture and distill big data, pursue artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, and extend products to the Internet of Things (IoT), the fundamental key to doing good, profitable, sustainable business is anticipation of customer demands.

One area which has caught a lot of businesses behind the curve is their inattention to - or lack of investment in - customer engagement, experience, and service. In competitive marketplaces, industry-leading enterprises cannot afford to rest on their laurels. What customers expect in 2017 is the ability to connect with sales, service, and support via whatever communications channel they prefer, whenever it is convenient for them.

These expectations are why leading contact centers around the world are adding omnichannel solutions to their CRM platforms, empowering frontline agents to service customers in a more informed and efficient way - via live chat, co-browsing, opt-in campaigns, mobile apps, and automated chatbots. Last year, Forrester announced that 72% of businesses said that improving customer experience was their top priority for 2017 while 63% planned to actually invest in technology improvements.[3]

For enterprises utilizing Microsoft Dynamics 365 as their CRM, CaféX Live Assist for Microsoft Dynamics 365 has become the preferred omnichannel customer engagement solution. Here are just three examples of how Live Assist has helped to transform service operations for our customers:

Industry: Consumer Goods

  • Situation: Leading performance footwear and apparel supplier in more than 50 countries worldwide; customer contact options limited to voice and email
  • Goals: Speed customer resolution and provide more personalized service approach; expand communication channels to live chat now; add video conferencing and integrate chatbots in the future 
  • Actions: Add Live Assist for Dynamics 365 instance to facilitate omnichannel service; implement a  ‘future proof’ and flexible platform that enables additional channels 
  • Results: With just the addition of live chat to their website and mobile apps, they have re-distributed otherwise inbound calls to text sessions, enabling reps to service multiple customers at the same time at a lower cost and potentially increasing online sales; additional channels easy-to-add

Industry: Manufacturing & Distribution

  • Situation: Global supplier of products for heat transfer, separation and fluid handling products, e.g. heat exchangers, separators, pumps and valves; company-wide digital transformation program underway
  • Goals: Embark on a company-wide digital transformation with an initial focus to improve overall responsiveness to customers and ensure a higher success rate with self-service inquiries 
  • Actions: Implement both Microsoft Dynamics 365 *and* Live Assist for Dynamics 365 simultaneously to expedite delivery of omnichannel service
  • Results: Instantly satisfy the known 30%+ of inbound contacts that want immediate service; reduce 1:1 call volume with much greater level of self-service; establish a scalable service platform for growth 

Industry: Higher Education

  • Situation: University in the UK with newly migrated prospective, current, and alumni data ported to Microsoft Dynamics 365; seeking differentiation by opening up new communication channels to students and parents alike
  • Goals: Improve engagement through all phases of the application, matriculation, enrollment, and continuation processes with additional communication channels 
  • Actions: Add Live Assist to Dynamics 365 instance to provide the options to prospects, new students, enrolled classmen, and parents for live chat and/or co-browsing 
  • Results: The additional channels differentiate their programs from other local universities and also reduce the cost of phone call support to the center for basic information

These are just a few examples of our customers’ innovative customer engagement applications but, because of the competitive advantage they've achieved using Live Assist, we are not at liberty to reveal their brand names. Hopefully, however, these use cases will get the wheels turning within your enterprise. Meanwhile, on Thu, Oct 12, 2017, CaféX will present other success stories at the D365UG / CRMUG in Nashville, TN so please join our sessions if attending.

Otherwise, if you want to expand customer engagement with omnichannel capabilities via Microsoft Dynamics right now, please visit liveassistfor365.com, schedule a demo or just start a free trial through the AppSource.