CafeX, Cisco & Syngrafii Light Up Mobile Banking App

 Sajeel Hussain By Sajeel Hussain
June 1, 2013

As Bruce Marler announced in his blog earlier this week, CaféX Communications (formerly Thrupoint), together with Cisco and Syngrafii, won the Mobile Solution Provider of the Year Award at the 7th Annual Mobile Banking & Commerce Summit in Miami.

Here is a description of the solution that was demonstrated at the event.

We start by talking about how banks are striving to create customer-centric experiences. Customers expect to be able to interact with their bank in a manner most convenient for them, so banks have to think beyond traditional brick-and-mortar approaches to 24/7 virtual banking via online – especially mobile – channels. And the service experience needs to be consistent across all channels, whether the user decides to walk into a branch during business hours or interact with a mobile banking application in the middle of the night. The ability for banks to deliver this ‘omni-channel’ experience can change the customer service model from a cost to profit center, as rich, contextual and more efficient interactions enable a shift from transactional services to advisory selling. Resulting cross-sell and upsell opportunities reduce revenue leakage, increase loyalty and attract new customers.

The demo example begins with a customer walking into a BMW dealership to buy a new car. The customer selects a car and is presented with the dealership’s financing options by the car salesperson. The user decides to login to her mobile banking application from her tablet to see what she can afford. This app has been lit up by CaféX’s Fusion Client SDK, which is used to embed a voice or video chat window seamlessly within the mobile app (with no separate client).

The user navigates to the ‘Loan’ section of the mobile app to see if there is a more attractive financing option through her bank than what the dealership is offering. The app prompts her with a request to use her geographic location information. She agrees and then places a video call to speak to a banking representative. All of her activity within the app to this point has been tracked by CaféX Fusion Palettes Mobile, so that when she taps the “Call an Agent” button, the call bypasses the general IVR menu tree and is routed directly to an agent best suited to handle her request, in this case a loan specialist. Thanks to Fusion Palettes, the identity and location of the caller, area of interest and other contextual information are delivered to the agent. The agent takes the video call on his Cisco Telepresence EX-90 video terminal and guides the customer through various options, ultimately selling her on the bank’s financing option.

At this point the customer needs to initial and sign the loan application form in order to complete the transaction. Syngrafii’s LongPen solution allows her to do this directly from within the mobile application. The agent highlights various sections to sign, and the customer uses a stylus to gesture on the tablet, thereby producing an exact match, legally binding wet signature on the associated paper form located within the contact center. The loan application is now complete.

Thanks to this fully integrated mobile banking solution from CaféX , Cisco and Syngrafii, banks can deliver a customer-centric experience across multiple channels to guide the user from the initial interaction phase all the way to deal closure.