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Are your Customers Comfortable Purchasing through a Chatbot?

By Sandra Thomson Aug. 11, 2017

Would you complete a purchase through a chatbot? Do you feel like chatbots deliver satisfactory customer service? Is this the true omnichannel customer experience?

Follow That Bird or Snuffy’s Got to Go!

By Allan Konar Aug. 10, 2017

There’s trouble brewing on Sesame Street. Nobody believes that Big Bird’s imaginary friend, Snuffleupagus, exists. Worse yet, Linda, Maria and Gordon are getting fed up with Big Bird blaming the invisible mammoth whenever something goes wrong and nobody else is around to see it.

Optimize Agent Performance with Live Actionable Intelligence

By Sandra Thomson Aug. 2, 2017

Research by CFI Group in 2017 shows that the contact center satisfaction index (CCSI) remains at a low point of 68 (as measured on a 0-100 scale) in the private and government sectors.  The two key drivers of this call center metric are agent effectiveness and agent empowerment. These make sense because the competency of service agents directly impacts...

Be the Host with the Most: 4 Capabilities of Team Collaboration Software that Make it Easy for Guests

By Sandra Thomson July 18, 2017

According to the 2016 US State of Enterprise Work Report, the amount of time office workers spend doing their primary job duties decreased in 2016, from 46% to 39%. So what’s going on? Shouldn’t we all be more productive than ever before with all our team collaboration software tools? Maybe that’s the problem - we have too many...

New in Live Assist™ for Microsoft Dynamics 365: Chatbots, Mobile Support and More!

By John Mathew July 13, 2017

This week was exciting for CaféX, as we announced Cosmos, the latest release of Live Assist for Microsoft Dynamics 365, the only omnichannel solution for Dynamics 365 co-engineered with and endorsed by Microsoft. Live Assist integrates content, campaigns, live chat, chatbot and co-browsing capabilities in Unified Service Desk and Dynamics web clients to make agents more productive while improving mobile and web customer engagement.

Booking a Summer Holiday? Watch How Omnichannel Enhances the Online Experience

By Gethin Liddell July 6, 2017

Summer is one of my favourite seasons, especially with the spectacular weather we have been having lately in the UK. As many of us make holiday plans, I thought it appropriate to record a video showing how CaféX Live Assist™ for Microsoft Dynamics 365 enhances the experience of booking a hotel room online, both for the guest and the service agent. 

Netflix Customer Service

By Gethin Liddell June 30, 2017

I recently had to contact Netflix® regarding my subscription. I was unable to login to my account from a new device and wanted to continue my latest binge. In this post I will relay my customer service experience and, as good as it was, how it could have been improved.

Adding Live Chat to Your Website? OK, but Ask These 3 Questions First.

By Gethin Liddell May 15, 2017

Many of my conversations with customers and partners start by them saying something like: “We want to enable chat on our website.”

My responses to this are always: 1) “OK. Why?” 2) “What problem(s) are you trying to solve or opportunity are you trying to capture?” 3) “And will live web chat alone provide the solution(s)?”

5 Reasons for a New Video Conferencing Tool

By Kevin Glass April 27, 2017

It seems to us here at CafeX that there has been a sudden rise in the number of video conferencing tools being released. It’s a good sign in most ways, as it validates the industry’s recognition that video communications still has room to grow and develop. It also means that customers have a choice, which is always good for innovation.

Microsoft + CaféX: Turbocharging Customer Engagement with Immersiveness and Intelligence

By Sajeel Hussain March 14, 2017

As the Bob Dylan song “The Times They Are A-Changing” hums in the background, I can’t help but think how true that statement rings for the contact center & CRM domain. It was last October when Jujhar Singh, Corporate VP of Microsoft’s R&D organization for Dynamics CRM, announced the strategic partnership between Microsoft and CaféX to change how businesses engage customers online.