Make online meetings
part of your workflow

Join persistent video meetings instantly from anywhere,
even within your business applications.

Meetings by CafeX

Get more done in your meetings

HD video, half the bandwidth

Meet live over HD voice and video conferencing, optimized to reduce bandwidth by up to 60% for more predictable usage across your network. 

Packaged or customizable

Use configuration not code to turn features on and off with full UX control for branding, white-labeling and embedding in your apps.

Skip the download

Join instantly from web browsers and mobiles without installing new software. Dial-in and call-me work well when you're on the move.

Add persistent workspaces

Upload the agenda, documents, actions and other content securely in one place to bring the right resources to everyone's fingertips.

Recording & transcripts

Capture and store online meetings with easy playback from the cloud to stay compliant and keep all stakeholders informed.

Chat, collaborate and share

Use group chat for text conversations with screen sharing to display and view relevant content as a team during meetings. 

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Perfect for customers, partners and teams

Advisory Services

Strengthen loyalty by providing customers with timely advice through personalized, visual engagements that are easily accessible.

Team Collaboration

Talk, collaborate and share with colleagues to improve team productivity, whether you're in the office, home-based or on the road.  


Equip program managers with persistent meeting spaces that bring people, tools and processes together to accelerate projects.

What you can do

  • Embed collaboration

    Use our low-code APIs to add in-app voice calling, video chat and screen sharing to your apps.

  • Enhance your CRM

    From bots to live chat and visual assistance, power omnichannel experiences in Microsoft Dynamics 365. 

  • Engage externally

    Collaborate with customers and partners in live meetings that are effortless to set up and join in any browser. 

  • Work productively

    Bring all the right people, information and tools together to accomplish objectives more efficiently.

  • Customize experiences

    Use drop-down configuration to ensure the entire interface is properly branded or white-labeled.

  • Streamline projects

    Create persistent meeting spaces to share media and track actions with a full audit trail for compliance.

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