Crisis Management Solution Pack

A Fire has broken out in the mountains. The fire spreads and threatens nearby properties in neighbouring counties.

The county Crisis Management team receive an alert and automatically Challo instigates the Crisis Management Solution Pack to create an emergency Workspace based on a fire scenario Template, which loads the appropriate resources and procedures into Challo.

The crisis response team communicates securely with external parties in real time to monitor and discuss the evolving crisis. Data sources are gathered into the Workspace to make a comprehensive assessment.

Challo brings together voice and video, chat, workflow automation, analytics, and content management into a crisis response room.

A public view of information is published to web page that contains real-time updates on the status of the fire, evacuation routes, and preparation guides. Challo messages cell-phones in the area with a link to the page informing residence of the impending danger.

Challo retains full contextual information for audit, compliance, and future process improvements.

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