Challo—The all-in-one collaboration tool

Challo is the all-in-one collaboration tool—A tool for meetings, chat, and content workspaces. Have safe interactions across companies using Challo's modular security partnerships.

Software as a service (SaaS) has revolutionized software delivery by utilizing the cloud to provide features faster while reducing the costs of maintaining traditional IT systems. Even though your company may be reaping the benefits of using office software or messaging software from the cloud, when it comes to working with other companies, or your customers, SaaS providers still have not resolved some of the fundamental problems that on-premises solutions have always had.

Challo is different.  Challo gives you the controls to open up your boundaries, so that you can collaborate with your partners from other organizations. Instead of being isolated from other businesses and the people you need to work with, you can use Challo to build a community. Communities that can share application resources with people outside of your home ecosystem, while providing the appropriate scoping to keep your sensitive data secure.

It’s important everyone can share content securely with the correct people so that they can work together, while maintaining control of it.  Challo allows all parties to bring their content, without the need for guest-access that causes traceability concerns for all parties and restricts how individuals can interact with each other.

Right now, the spread of COVID-19 is rapidly changing the way people work.  Companies now require their staff to work from home. Social distancing is having a big and lasting impact people’s daily routines.  So it’s important to know that Challo is optimal for everyone’s situation whether they are at home, in an office, or working remotely.

In our last blog, you saw that you can sign up and hold meeting with anyone in a few minutes—See: HD Video Meetings As Easy As 1-2. In this blog, you’ll quickly see that you can build a community and collaborate on something more substantial. Challo spans the distance for organizations and also lays the foundations to bridge between companies safely.

Build your A-Team

Let’s build a team of people from your organization, that you’ll be working with frequently.

For now, you’ll want to invite a few people to your account.

  1. Open your account settings
  2. Click Users > Add
  3. Enter the email addresses to invite people to your account
  4. Click Invite
  5. Challo sends them an email to verify their account. After they verify, their Status changes to CONFIRMED.

Important: For now, only invite from the same organization or group as yourself.  Later, we’ll see how to use Challo to work with other organizations that have their own accounts.

Chat with your team

Chat makes it easy to stay in contact and keep an open dialogues with people. This is not just important for efficiencies in work, but also for building camaraderie within your teams.

Challo supports direct messaging between individuals and groups; for now though, we’ll introduce channels. Chat channels give you more focus than direct messaging, they reduce message-overlap and enable conversations with a theme. Create a channel to communicate across a team, or during a specific project or work item.  It’s really up to you.

To start a channel:

  1. Open the chat menu
  2. Click Start chat
  3. Click Start a new channel
  4. Complete the details
  5. Click Create channel
  6. To add members click the channel members button—

Hold a meeting

In our last blog we saw how easy it is to start a meeting using the menu—See: HD Video Meetings As Easy As 1-2.

Chat is a fantastic way of sharing details, and video calls provide you with an even faster way to communicate complex ideas, get feedback, and acknowledgement from your team. Challo makes it easy to start a meeting from your channel. This is perfect to use when you’re chatting and would rather talk face-to-face or screen share to work together in real-time.

To start a meeting from a chat:

  1. Click the meeting button—
  2. Challo sends a notifications to all of your channel members for them to join you:

Start a track

Challo tracks are persistent workspaces that you can you use to gather and share context.  Context can be almost anything, including documents, resources, meetings, chat messages and emails.

You can start a track using the menu. Alternatively, you can add a track to your chat channel and begin to structure your context around it.

To add a track to a channel:

  1. Click the track button—
  2. Your chat members automatically become track members and your channel is accessible from your track.

When you want to share content on a track, use the Add menu:

As a Challo administrator you can enable lots of different applications for your organization to use in Challo.


The resources you share on a track are accessible to all track members to work around.  Use Challo tracks so that your chats, meetings, and content are all in one place.

Collaborate with others

You are well on the way to mastering some of the Challo fundamentals to collaborate effectively.

So far:

  • You’ve brought right people together.
  • Your chat channels are keeping record for you.
  • Your meetings are helping you to focus on specific tasks.
  • You’re using tracks to be a successful collaborator.

As you’ve already seen, tracks give every member a view of your workspace content. Not only is this a good way to share information within your organization, it is a great way to work with collaborators from other organizations too. For example, if you use Google Suite for documents, track members that only have access to Microsoft Office 365 can see your content.  Because Challo displays application content from its original source, you don’t have to manage countless duplicates of documents during a project when sharing things between companies.

You can view the document as yourself inside the track:

Other track members can review a PDF of the document that Challo generates dynamically :

Challo provides a consistent view of content for all track members.  The track is a community that allows everyone to share content effectively and importantly in a manner that you control.  Only the track members you invite have access to view its content, so you can manage access to several resources from one place.

To add members from another organization:

  1. Go to your track
  2. Open the MEMBERS tab
  3. Click Add
  4. Enter their email address, and set their role
  5. Click Confirm
  6. Challo sends them an email invitation to join your track. If they are new to Challo, they can create their own Challo account and then join you on your track.

What else can you do with Challo?

This article has shown you how you can use Challo to chat, hold meetings, and use tracks to start collaborating with people.

If you are an administrator for your organization you can setup Challo the following:

  • A mailbox for your Challo assistant so that you can create and send content to tracks using email.
  • Integrate your organization’s office suite so that everyone can share their documents and calendars.
  • Bring your own storage, so that the documents you upload and your meeting recordings are held on your own data storage accounts.
  • See: Setting up Challo.

If you want to know more about how you can use Challo to work with companies, see: Working with others and staying in control of your collaboration.

Stay safe, and if you need any assistant, or want further information, don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our experts by leaving us a note.

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