Transform your client engagements with Challo

Challo helps firms in regulated industries to collaborate more efficiently when engaging with their clients. You manage these complex client engagements using Challo Tracks that centralize all activity, content, and communications in one secure place.

Build a better client experience

Be easily accessible to your client when and how they want to connect.

User friendly. Challo does not require downloads and it can be accessed on any device. Simple and intuitive, Challo makes your clients more engaged and your work more productive.

Always-on flexibility. Unlike meeting platforms that are only for specific calls, Challo dedicates a place for you and your clients to share messages, files, and context around your engagement. Using Challo you stay connected before, during, and after meetings.

One view. Challos brings content, people, application-data, and communications together into one place. To find out more about building a better client engagement: How digital engagement transforms commercial banking

Connect teams, clients and partners

Challo allows you to engage with clients in ways that internal tools can’t.

Collaborate across companies. Internal teams, external clients and partners are all made active participants in Challo. On a Track, everyone can share documents and use tools that are associated with their existing identities; they’re not hindered by guest-access.

Streamline projects. Challo manages complex engagements with features like partnerships, approvals, notifications, tasking and break out rooms.

Reduce friction. Challo eliminates the insecurity and inefficiency caused by switching between multiple systems, applications and emails. Challo brings multiple parties together in one secure workspace to collect, share, and collaborate on documents.

To find out more about interoperability:
Building a successful client engagement strategy

Engage clients across their entire journey

With all your communication in one place, boost productivity and give your clients the rapid turnaround they expect. 

Build trust and confidence. You provide better service when all content and communications are at your fingertips. Challo aggregates communications, people, and application-data together for efficiency.

Break down silos. Seamlessly bring team members together to align on services that meet your clients’ needs. Create Breakout Rooms to bring together an internal team to work on specific tasks.

Faster service. Use webhooks to bridge engagements in Challo to your workflows or CRMs and aggregate communications, people, and application-data together one central place.

To find out more about interoperability:
Building a successful client engagement strategy

Enterprise-grade security

Built for regulated markets where security and compliance are top of mind, Challo allows you to confidently work across teams, clients and partners.

Control access. Protect sensitive information. Share files and control access through Tracks and Breakout Rooms.

Protect data. Bring Your Own Storage (BYOS) can satisfy compliance requirements to control exactly where your data resides. Utilize your unique AES256 encryption keys so that data-at-rest remains secure.

Secure meetings. Access controls such as locks and waiting rooms limits who has access to your meetings.

To find out more about security: Challo—Security

Collaborate with partners

Secure access controls

Enterprise-grade security

Share live application data

Coordinate your work

Engaging client experience

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