About us

Our mission is to help organizations optimize their unique business processes by giving their people a complete view across their communications, content and applications1


As a leader in WebRTC, we brought people together through communications. Now our approach has evolved. With the Challo Platform, we bring people together by creating an optimized experience of their business processes.

We launched Challo to help organizations face the monumental challenge of streamlining their experiences. Legacy systems are not fit to adapt to organizations’ specific processes so that they silo information and create inefficiencies for the organization. Challo takes a different approach, leveraging these systems and supplementing them with the Platform’s capabilities to streamline operations and promote closer collaboration within the organization.

The Challo Platform uses communications, systems integration, and knowledge and data management to give organizations the ability to create their own digital experience. With simpler and more intuitive solution development, organizations will improve creativity, increase innovation and reduce cycle time.


We built Challo as your one place to connect information and put knowledge to work. In Challo, all your communications, organizational knowledge and data are integrated together to drive a specific process.

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We developed solutions on the Challo Platform that address common use cases and industries. In addition to these solutions, the Challo Platform adapts to use cases and industries outside of the ones that we have currently developed.

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