A better way to collaborate within and between companies

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Meet easily in HD video

Click to connect face to face, dial in by phone, share screens and record meetings

Chat live with your team

Direct message your colleagues, create chat channels and keep a complete audit trail

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Share in secure workspaces

Bring internal and external parties together with files, links, emails and apps a click away

Secure Collaboration within and between Companies

Virtual workspaces where internal and external teams can meet, share content securely, collaborate, and get work done. Say goodbye to all your “guest-access” issues!

Stay engaged from home

Connect instantly with colleagues, clients and partners. Meet face to face in HD video. Review documents and chat live in a secure environment. Stay compliant and move business forward with everything just a click away.

Share content easily, securely

Need a better way to share information within and outside your company? Avoid email overload and out-of-date documents. Challo workspaces bring content to everyone’s fingertips – files, emails, links and application data – all up to date and in compliance with your company’s privacy policies.

Meet instantly from anywhere

Challo keeps you working face to face no matter where you are. Communicate as a team over HD voice and video. Chat and share screens. Invite clients, partners and colleagues simply by sending a link. Control what participants see on their screens. Record and transcribe your meetings for compliance.


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Knowledge base

Access all our how-to articles to get started with CafeX workspaces

Bring your own storage and applications

Keep complete control over your data. Store it in our secure cloud or yours based on corporate policies. Display slices of application data in workspaces – keep everything current and synchronized.

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