10 reasons why Challo beats collaboration over email

Find out why an over reliance on email impacts effective collaboration and how Challo Workspaces augment your processes to combine tasks, content, and communications for Intelligent Collaboration.

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    You can’t unsend an email

    It is easy to send emails to the wrong people. This can be embarrassing and demonstrates inherent security and compliance concerns, especially if you work on sensitive material with different organizations and clients.

    Data Loss Prevention services go some way to mitigate these issues by flagging sensitive information that can be detected through matching numerical patterns like credit card information. However, DLP can fail to flag content, such as conversational information, and this exposes the organization to high reputational risk.

    Using a Challo Workspace, you can add and remove people to collaborate with as you require. If the wrong person is invited, access revocation is simply a case of removing them from the workspace. They no longer have access to any content or historical messages. In addition, audit records show administrators who saw specific content, so that remedial action can be taken.

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    You can’t keep track of your documents

    Email attachments create unmanaged duplicates that are difficult to find, process, and track changes across.

    Tracking who makes comments, when they were suggested, and whether they were ratified requires someone to parse through threads and potentially yields an incomplete representation if they miss something. In addition, keeping a record of who needs to respond and who has read documents is also laborious.

    A Challo Workspace combines communication with content, so that comments, and conversations are synchronized with changes. With version controls, the latest version is visible from a single place, while maintaining historical editions.

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    You can forget you have read an email

    Once you’ve read an email it’s very easy to forget about it. Unless you’re in the habit of immediately filing your email so that you can come back to it later, or immediately associate it with a task. Email does not provide a way for you to prioritize tasks, that leaves people disorganized or unaware of their assignments altogether.

    Challo provides built-in task management and approvals so that you can request, track status, and automatically remind people to review content as a due date approaches.

  • 4

    You can’t send big files

    Most email clients limit the maximum size of documents that you can send to a few megabytes. Even if your client doesn’t impose such limitations often the people receiving your emails do and they simply delay the exchange of valuable information, often relying on IT for solutions.

    Because Challo is a web application it can manage and host significantly larger content than email. In addition, the native threat-scanning and Bring Your Own Storage capabilities gives you more control and security for your organization.

  • 5

    You can’t share live application data

    Information that lives inside other applications, such as a CRM or dashboards cannot be shared using emails. You have to produce static PDF documents, or print-screens to share them using email.

    Challo application integrations bring live applications into the Workspace so that all workspace members can see the latest information.

  • 6

    You can’t stay focused on tasks

    Research carried out by RescueTime[1]showed that “most workers can’t go 6 minutes without checking email or IM”.

    Workers that learn to habitually check their email and respond immediately for instant gratification often delay, interrupt, or put off more complex tasks that require their focus. It can take 5 – 15 minutes to switch between different contexts and this overload causes anxieties to develop.

    Challo provides a single place to maintain focus. Task boards provide workers with direction. Being able to simultaneously join meetings, while working across different workspaces in Challo can provide daily structure to support collaborative working sessions with real purpose and outcomes.

  • 7

    You can’t manage what recipients do with your emails

    Although email has great reach, you can’t stop recipients forwarding messages to other people, adding other people to the thread, or duplicating content.

    In cases where you have to control who can see content, Challo workspaces provide the flexibility to manage access by designating coordinators to only invite the correct people. In addition, you use advanced partnership permissions to create bespoke policies for the organizations that you interact with to manage access to groups, or individuals as you require.

  • 8

    You can’t access emails during holidays or unexpected illness

    Email threads aren’t accessible to other team members. If someone goes on holiday, or sick-leave, important work and responses are often left until their return. Gaining access to someone’s email while they are away requires IT support and approval, and due to privacy and security protocols is also highly unlikely.

    Using a dedicated Challo Workspace for client engagement means that all team members can monitor them when people are away. In addition, because the historical and contextual information relating to an engagement is all present, any handover to new team members is straightforward and clients see less disruption.

  • 9

    You can’t always leave a good impression

    An issue with written text is that it is hard to ensure that you’re not misconstrued and verify that you are in agreement.

    The benefits of video calls over phone and email are well understood. To your clients, you can demonstrate that your attention is undivided and in return body language can convey a range of attributes that can be invaluable when negotiating a consensus.

    Challo Workspaces provide a comprehensive means of communicating by using chat, email and video calls alongside business assets. Each Workspace has a designated meeting that you can use to hold conversations in person.

  • 10

    Email is great the way it is

    Email is a very effective form of communication, in part, because everyone has access to it. Often, it can be hard to persuade other stakeholders to shift to new technologies.

    Even if you see the benefits of Challo Workspaces, some people may keep their work under its current state and resources. Unlike solutions that try to replace technology, Challo augments it.

    Challo Workspaces can be coupled with email so that your Workspace activities translate to email threads and correspondence. When you send a message, or share a document in a workspace, equivalent emails can be sent to collaborators. Likewise they can reply to emails and attach documents and they are sent straight to the workspace ready for you to respond to from within Challo.

    Similarly, with application integrations, all your stakeholders can continue to use the applications they are comfortable with and you can take the advantages of Challo forward.

If you want to find out more about Challo, or have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us or request a meeting for a demo.

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